Edward Jerome Gordon (1964 – ) was born in Redding, California. He is the founder of Black Spirit Publishing and the Black Spirit Reviews book review website. He writes novels, poetry, literary criticism, and metaphysical non-fiction. His works include Riverside: A Collection of Poetry, Caretakers of Eternity, Tarot: The Dark Art, Discovering Your Psychic Self, The Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Vital Architecture and the New Design of Happiness. He’s currently working on his second novel and resides in the New Orleans area of the United States with his wife, three dogs and one cat.

Education: B.Sc. Liberal Arts, Regents College, Albany, NY
Places lived: Riverside, CA, Colorado Springs, CO, Biloxi, MS, New Orleans, LA
Favorite Novel: Wuthering Heights 
Favorite Movie: Vanilla Sky
Favorite Music: Tears for Fears, The Who, Pink Floyd, Zedd
Literary Influences: Stephen King, Paul Zindel, Bernard Palmer
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