No More Side Gigs

I’ve decided I’m going to be a writer. What I mean is that I’m giving up any kind of side gigs. I’ll keep my website and my blog. I’ll participate in writers’ groups online for rest and relaxation, but I’m not going to try to build a “platform” anymore.

I’m not going to review books, or start a group, or do editing, or anything like that. Either my novels will be of interest to an agent because they are compelling stories they believe they can sell to editors, or they will not, and no side gig is ever going to make up for it if I suck as a writer.

My job, as an author, is to create compelling content that publishers can sell. All that matters is that I create that content (in the form of novels). Any effort spent doing anything else is just distraction. Clearly, I must work my day job to survive. Beyond that, it should be all novel writing and only novel writing.

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