Caretakers of Eternity

Jennifer Dickerman, an Arizona real estate agent trying to make it on her own, is given the chance of a lifetime when an old man, in the last days of his life, contacts her to buy his family’s multi-million-dollar winery near Sonoita. For one hundred thousand dollars, Eternity Vineyards is all hers—but on one condition: She can never resell it. She must give her word to keep it and become its new caretaker.

Little does the old man know that Jennifer has no intention of keeping her word, but little does Jennifer know that the old man hasn’t told her everything about the place, especially its gruesome purpose and the demonic winemaker who wants to fire the vineyard back into production.

Can the ghost of a lonely twelve-year-old girl, bound to the estate by her own guilty secrets, convince Jennifer to honor her promise? Or will the satanic bloodbath begin—again?

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